Post-Operative Surgical Care & Short-Term Rehabilitation

Knee or hip replacement? Back surgery?  Cardiac surgery?  When you are discharged from the hospital, you may need additional medical care that cannot be provided in your home.  We are here to help. 

Post-operative surgical care and rehabilitation therapy are key specialties. Whether it is emergency surgery or doctor recommended, our therapy team, overseen by a rehabilitation physician, specialize in helping you get well. Our therapists provide therapy seven days a week to help you get home as soon as possible. Therapies include physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapies.  We provide a holistic approach to therapy including spa treatments and aromatherapy. The Nintendo Wii® game system as well as Jintronix is used as part of our therapy program to increase mobility while having fun.

Our compassionate clinical team (physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, dietitians and social workers) works closely with our therapy team to provide 24 hour medical care including post surgical care, respiratory support, wound care, and IV therapy.