Holistic Treatment

We provide a holistic approach to therapy including spa treatments, aromatherapy, and the Arthritis Foundation’s Tai Chi exercise program. The Nintendo Wii® game system is used as part of our therapy program to increase mobility while having fun. We use “Light Therapy” to provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and muscle spasms to help you get the most benefit out of therapy.

Our goal is to return you home where you can resume your life – golfing, gardening, or simply keeping up with the grandkids.


Our dietitians review the diets of every resident upon admission. They will work with your physician to adjust your diet, when necessary to help prevent and treat illnesses. High blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are common health problems that dietitians work to improve. When you are ready to go home, our dietitians will provide recommendations on the type of food you should eat to achieve maximum health.

Active Living

Whether you are visiting with us for a short term stay, or whether our communities become your home, we believe in providing a full range of activities for you to enjoy. Whether it is a trip to the Tigers game, attending a community celebration, participating in music therapy, or playing a game of checkers with your neighbor, we want you to enjoy your stay with us.

As a faith based organization, we believe in giving back to our local neighborhoods. We partner with neighboring schools, churches, and community organizations to support local causes.