Can I tour your communities?

Yes. To schedule a guided tour, call one of our communities directly. Walk-ins are welcome.

What is the admission process?

Our Admissions Department will coordinate all aspects of the admission process with you. We will meet personally with you and your representative to explain any required paperwork, complete your personal profile, and assure a smooth transition.

Do I need to bring my insurance cards with me when I am admitted?

Yes. Please bring your insurance cards, proof of citizenship, state identification, Durable Power of Attorney, and other healthcare documents.

What should I bring for my stay?

If you are coming primarily for physical therapy, you will want to bring comfortable clothing that permits a free range of motion and movement such as loose fitting slacks, tops and sleepwear. This includes comfortable shoes such as athletic shoes. We also recommend you bring your preferred toiletries.

If our community will become the home of your loved one, when selecting clothing, please consider the type of assistance your loved one requires when dressing. Zippers with large pulls may be easier than a garment with buttons. In addition, we recommend you bring:

  • Clothing that is comfortable, durable, and washable including sleepwear.
  • Loose fitting slacks and tops for therapy.
  • At least 7 days of underwear and socks.
  • At least 2 sweaters/sweatshirts.
  • Photographs in non-glass frames.
  • Personal mementoes to make your loved one feel at home.
  • Easy to wear shoes and slippers with a non-skid sole.
  • Seasonal jacket or coat.

For additional tips on making a transition to one of our communities, download The A – Z Guide: Making a Smooth Transition to a Health & Rehab Center.

Are you certified by Medicare and Medicaid?


What happens when my Medicare runs out? Will my loved one have to move to another facility?

Our centers accept Medicare and Medicaid. If your loved one is Medicaid eligible, we will work with you to update their insurance without disrupting their stay with us.

Can my family doctor see me at your center?

Yes. If your doctor is not credentialed at our center, please have their office contact the center’s administrator. If your family doctor is unable to follow your family member, our staff physician will attend to their care.

Can my family and friends visit me?

We welcome family and visitors to visit their loved ones. We encourage families to dine with our residents and to participate in activities.

Are there a variety of social, recreational, religious, or cultural activities?

Yes. We offer a variety of fun and therapeutic activities. We also have several religious organizations that conduct services on a weekly or monthly basis.