Your knees have been hurting for years. You can no longer garden with your grandchildren. Your doctor recommends surgery. How do you get back to your active life?

At Samaritan Manor, our experienced rehabilitation team, overseen by a rehabilitation doctor, will help you get back to your life. We provide therapy 7 days a week – you don’t have to wait until Monday. If you arrive on Friday, we can begin therapy on Friday or Saturday. We use innovative techniques such as the Nanobeam, a light therapy device which provides temporary relief of muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, and muscle spasms, to help you get the most benefit out of therapy.

Get the Most Out of Therapy

Who said therapy has to be boring? Our therapists often use the The Nintendo Wii video game system to combine exercise and physical activity while having fun. Games such as tennis, boxing, and bowling work the upper body for dexterity and endurance while simultaneously working the lower body for balance. The games can be used in a variety of ways to help you reach your goals. While the pace of the games is set by your therapist, you may find yourself wanting to play the game more often just so you can beat that little guy on the screen. This competitive, yet enthusiastic response to the Wii, has made it a very popular resource for our rehab team.


Getting You Ready to Go Home

At Samaritan Manor, as part of our plan to help you when you return home, we create a home environment with a full kitchen, and bath and shower room. Seemingly simple tasks like putting groceries in the refrigerator, stepping out of the bath tub, or putting dishes in an upper cabinet often are a challenge after hip, knee or shoulder surgery. Our therapists work with you to help you re-learn these skills and other necessary tasks that you will need to be successful when you return home.