When a loved one can no longer manage independently at home or in assisted living, they need a place where they can receive medical care and assistance with activities of daily living.  Redford has 2 Long Term Care settings to support your loved one’s care needs:

Green Houses

Redford boasts two Green House homes: Redford and Garfield. Our Green House homes house 10 individuals in a living environment similar to a real home.  Each individual has the comfort of their own private room and bathroom.  The 10 house occupants share a common living area where specially trained caregivers interact with them throughout the day – similar to living in your own home.  Individual routines and personal preferences encourage residents to continue to pursue their interests allowing them to thrive.

Green Houses are an evidence-based model that is part of The Green House Project, a national brand.


Long Term Care Unit – Complex Care

Redford’s Long Term Care Unit specializes in complex care needs for individuals with debilitating diseases or severe trauma.

Redford provides therapy and skilled nursing care 7 days a week. Medical services include:

Post Surgical Care

  • Congestive Heart Failure/Heart Surgery
  • Diabetic Amputations
  • Knee/Hip/Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Other Post Surgical Support

Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy



Vacation/Respite Care

If you are a caregiver, vacations or business trips can pose a problem. Where can your loved one go where they will feel safe and get the care they need? At Advantage Living Center - Redford, overnight care is available for loved ones allowing you a time to rest or take a well needed vacation. Services include bathing, dispensing medications, daily activities, and memory care.