Are you here for the short term, after surgery, or will Samaritan Manor become home for you or your loved one? Do you need intensive rehabilitation or do you need to strengthen muscles so you can maintain as much independence as possible? Everyone’s needs are different. When you are admitted to Samaritan Manor, our team reviews your doctor’s orders and conducts an assessment. This assessment looks at your medical, social, and psychological needs. Our team then builds a customized care plan specifically for you:

  • If your needs are short term, we work with you to set goals centered on what you and your physician want to accomplish during your stay. Emphasis is on promoting your maximum independence.
  • For long term needs, we focus on giving you choices andcontrol over your life at Samaritan Manor.
  • For those individuals with dementia and memory loss we focus on those things that have been meaningful and memorable throughout their life. We work with the individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s and related diseases on their terms focusing their choices throughout each day. Programming throughout the day reduces negative behaviors and promotes peace.