Promoting Active Living

Engaging Communication. Fulfilling Purpose. Individualized Care. The Sunshine Lounge Dementia program removes barriers to communication with our dementia lounge residents, more affectionately known as Sunshiners. Sunshiners come from diverse backgrounds including educators, nurses, factory workers, and home-makers. Due to the way dementia affects the brain, each individual perceives and responds to their world differently. With this in mind, our team works with each Sunshiner to assess their cognitive ability, past interests, and physical limitations to develop a specialized care plan for each person. This person centered care approach helps us meet their spiritual, mental, and physical needs.

Specially Trained Staff

Our staff is specially trained to work with individuals with memory problems including dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our memory care unit is different from others because it has been scientifically developed to help the individual become an active part of the community. The secure unit keeps your loved one safe, while helping them lead a life of purpose.


Purposeful Living

Sunshiners interact in small social group settings performing enjoyable tasks that fulfilled a purpose for them some time in their past. For example, for some women, it may be the act of caring for infants, arranging flowers, sorting through jewelry, or working in an office. For some men, it may be working with tools, painting, or talking sports. We re-create these environments in our lounge with soft music and non-verbal communication. These fulfilling activities contribute to a decrease in anxiety, depression, and wandering.

Photos, memorabilia and themed reminiscing kits help prompt discussions and social interaction leading to improved communication skills. Aromatherapy, combined with special soothing music, helps restore peace, reduce depression, and relieve insomnia and pain.

Service projects

Service projects serve as a connection to the community. Sunshiners help make pillows for children’s hospitals, baskets for special events, and compile care packages for disaster victims.