Manors Minute 0:02: Where’s My Hoverboard?

In the cult classic movie series about a time traveling teen and the wacky scientist who built a time machine out of Delorean, the technologic advances seen in the film were both astonishing and amazing. Most can remember the wonder they felt as they watched the film and dreamed of one day owning their own rocket-powered hoverboard or a one-size jacket that tailors itself to your body AND can blow dry your clothes in seconds… while you are wearing them.

Although we are still a few years away from modern science perfecting those concepts, the advancements we have made in modern science and technology today are more than worthy of acknowledgement. The modern processor has become exponentially faster and is factors smaller than anything we could have imaged back in 1985 (the year our beloved classic series took us into the past, future, and beyond). Thanks to such advancements, modern items like smart phones, tablets, and even smart watches are permeating our society – becoming a benchmark in both personal and professional life as a medium for entertainment, social interaction, business management, efficiency, and more.

Here at The Manors, we have not ignored such an important societal shift and are working hard to be sure we are taking advantage of trending technologies that increase business efficiency and time management.

By the end of 2014, all The Manors facilities will be flush with new tablets, mobile laptops, and other devices to assist and aide our caregivers in their daily tasks and assignments. And with a new high speed network just on the horizon, The Manors facilities will not only be able to provide “excellent care for an independent life”, but we will be able to provide that care efficiently and quickly as well.

Armed with new devices and a lightning fast network, the caregivers at The Manors will be able to input information into our new EHR (see Manors Minute 0:01) almost seamlessly and effortlessly allowing for more resident centered care improving the overall quality of care. In addition to the new devices and network, Advantage Management Group/The Manors is always looking for new technologies, software, and other opportunities that will provide a better experience for any who pass through our doors. So feel free to stop in to any of our locations to find out more about our upcoming technologies and network and how they will make us work better for our communities, our residents… our family.

Manors Minute 0:01: Electronic Health Records

Apples and Androids and… EHR’s? Oh my, indeed. The mighty roar of the technology boom can be heard and felt throughout the entirety of the healthcare industry and The Manors is no exception to this trend. With healthcare reform charging forward with full force, CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.

Every day you can find articles detailing the many successes (and failures) of healthcare companies throughout the country who are all trying to navigate the latest mandates for HIPAA/HITECH compliance and choose an appropriate EHR (electronic health record). With so many changes to the healthcare landscape, you must wonder how we here at The Manors are staying ahead of the curve?

With over 300 electronic health record (EHR) systems available on the market in the US alone, it can be mind-boggling to think how ANY healthcare organization can narrow it down to just one EHR… Especially when this one EHR needs to satisfy all the needs of the doctors, nurses, and aides who provide care, insurance companies who bill for services, state regulators who monitor care, and, most importantly, the residents and families who depend on all the aforementioned parties to have accurate and available health information.

Keeping all those factors (and more) in mind, The Manors’s team introduced PointClickCare, or PCC, as its primary EHR system. With the help of PCC, the Manors will be able to provide even better care for all who choose to find a home at one of our facilities.

On March 3rd, 2014, Southgate Manor, found on Trenton Road in Southgate, MI, was our first facility to “go live” with the PCC program. Since the introduction of PCC, healthcare staff at Southgate Manor commented on how thorough the program is while still being easy to use. It is this ease of use that is shaving hours off charting time allowing our staff more time to focus on what is most important – the residents and families. With the selection of such a comprehensive EHR, like PointClickCare, the Manor’s has taken a huge step in ensuring that care-giving is the primary focus for all its staff.

As of June 1st, 2014, PointClickCare was implemented at all The Manors facilities. Feel free to stop in to any of our locations to find out how PointClickCare has made us work better for our communities, our residents… our family.