Nursing Home Week

Advantage Living Centers Celebrates National Nursing Home Week


Welcome to National Nursing Home Week! Every year, the American Health Care Association dedicates one week to nursing home residents, staff members and supporters – this year, it’s May 14-20.


At Advantage Living Centers, we love to celebrate the people who live and work with us. This week is not only a time to honor the heroes who help our residents heal and rehabilitate, but an opportunity for our residents to have fun and connect with one another, with staff and their families, and with the community.  


During Nursing Home Week, our schedule is jam packed with events every day, including musical performances, picnics, theme days, arts displays, field day competitions and more.  These fun-filled days bring a true spirit of joy throughout the organization as we capture the smiles and laughter of everyone in the Advantage family. This week, we are excited for the great opportunities to bring out the competitive side of our staff, show the tremendous talent and works of residents who display their works of art via our art gallery and much more.


We find Nursing Home Week so important here at Advantage Living Center because we want to show people how much we love and appreciate them. Skilled nursing facilities – more commonly known as nursing homes – truly are vibrant places live and recover. In addition, we hope the community is able to learn about and participate in the lives of people who stay at one of our facilities this week. We are always on the lookout for learning opportunities to share more about who Advantage Living Centers is and how we can further help the communities we serve.


Lastly, this week we hope that residents and their families along with our amazing staff members and supporters feel a sense of pride. Advantage is one of the largest skilled nursing and rehabilitation organizations in Michigan, which would not be possible without relentless support.


To everyone in our Advantage family, enjoy nursing home week and thank you for all that you do!