Manors Minute 0:04: Fighting Diabetes

According to the 2014 National Diabetes Statistics report, the percentage of Americans age 65 and older with diabetes is 25.9%, or 11.8 million seniors. After discovering diabetic related disease in their zip code is among the highest in the nation, Northwest Manor is taking the challenge of diabetes head on by focusing on diabetes education for their residents and staff, as well as to those who live and work in their community.

Northwest Manor’s programs focus on healthy living: taking control of diabetes, healthy food choices, fast food – making the right choices, and exercise. Their dietitian goes out into the community to give samples of meals, including soul food, that have been prepared using healthy techniques. The food prepared for the community is the same food served to Northwest Manor residents. For example, salt is not used, instead they use a variety of different sodium-free seasonings. In addition, Northwest Manor regularly hosts exercise classes including Zumba in the community.

Northwest Manor is leading the charge for diabetes education and reduction. For more information on diabetes, contact the American Diabetes Association.