Manors Minute 0:03: Staying Connected

With the plethora of iPads, Notebooks, Smartphones, Kindles and Nooks in the hands of everyone from the age of 1 to 101+, we realize the importance of “Staying Connected”.

The Manors provides Wireless Guest Access at all Manors centers for our residents and their guests. Residents can use the Wireless Guest Access to connect their device to our network so they can email their family and friends, view the latest family photos, stay connected via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and surf the web.

In addition to wireless guest access, each of our centers has a resident computer area with access to the Internet.

Families and friends: make sure you stay connected with your loved ones when they are in our centers:
• Send those photos
• Post to their Facebook page
• PIN something to their wall
• Show them the latest updates when you visit
Let them feel the love!

For the guest wireless access code, the guest wireless usage terms, or for assistance accessing the guest wireless network, please see the receptionist or the Activity Director in your Center.

Happy Surfing!